31 December 2007

Christmas Swap

I made this for Elaine Hannam in a Christmas swap. Elaine and I got each other which was really fun.

Christmas Swap

This is the house book I was so lucky to receive from Elaine. It's gorgeous don't you think?

28 December 2007

Michael deMeng Workshops in Melbourne

Michael is going to be teaching two workshops at Ancient Echoes in February. The first, Soda Pop Icons is on Sat 2nd and the second, Transparency Collage-ssemblage is on Sun 3rd. To enquire please email me kathyata@yahoo.com.au or Marg Byrne byrnemargaretm@yahoo.com These are going to absolutely fantastic don't miss this great opportunity.

21 December 2007

The Rain

With all the rain we've had in the last couple of days the creek that runs through the front of our place has turned from a trickle into a raging torrent (well nearly). It's been up over the bridge twice and the last time it happened my daughter Lisa was on an a early shift and had to wake Mark up to fix the bridge so she could drive out. The sleepers had lifted and moved, luckily they didn't float away. It's really good to be getting this beautiful rain though.

19 December 2007

Christmas Cards

A sample of the Christmas cards I made this year, mind you I didn't make too many.