24 February 2009

Upwey Fire

It seems strange reading my last post when the death toll from the bushfires was only 84......how can I say ONLY 84.....it's tragic whether it's 1 life lost or 200. I feel so sorry for everyone who's lost family and friends, it's terribly sad.

I don't know exactly what's happening here at the moment, the fire siren has gone off a couple of times this morning and there's been helicopters flying around. There's no longer a threat in our area but there still seems to be a fair bit of activity. I live just off Glenfern Rd in Upwey and we actually left our house yesterday after the police were going door to door warning residents. Fortunately we were able to return last night. This has been the second fire close to us in 8 days, it's been pretty stressful. Friday is expected to be problematic so fingers crossed.

08 February 2009

Victoria's Bushfires

I knew that the dreadful conditions on Saturday could mean more bushfires but I didn't imagine it would end up being Australia’s deadliest bushfire disaster. The death toll is at 84 and likely to increase and there have been over 750 homes lost.......devastating.