27 May 2008

Art Journey Retreat

What a great time we had the weekend before last at Art Journey Retreat. It was so good to do classes with such wonderful tutors and to spend time with some lovely like minded women.

My Friday class was Graffiti Bouquet with Traci Bautista. This was really hard for me, I was so far out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I did take this class. I'm not use to using bright colours but I'm going to try to do so more in the future. We spent the morning making background paper using several different techniques and then in the afternoon we collaged using these papers. I don't like my bouquet picture but I'm happy with the way the girl is turning out; I still have a little to do on her yet.
On Saturday it was Atlered Ego with Misty Mawn. We did self portraits using gel transfers of ourselves and painting over them. Mine doesn't look anything like me, but it was fun doing it. I loved this class and will be practicing lots to try to improve my technique.

And Sunday it was Stone Soup with the wonderful Nina Bagley. Poor Nina had a dreadful cold virus thingy but soldiered on and did a fabulous job instructing us. I took workshops with Nina last year in Freemantle and couldn't miss the opportunity of doing another with her this time. My necklace isn't finished yet but I will get it done, I just need to search out a few interesting bits to add to it.

It was fantastic attending workshops with such great tutors and I thank them for their help and encouragement, they really were wonderful.


Musing said...

Your girl looks fantastic Kathy.

Jen Crossley said...

You have made some amazing art there Kathy It was so great to catch up with you again